20 ft shipping container for sale USA

20 ft shipping container for sale USA

20 foot container for sale

20 ft shipping container for sale USA,  A 20ft shipping container offers companies several advantages when it comes to transporting products across the country. However, shipping containers are now being used beyond their intended purpose. The truth is that 20ft shipping containers are perfect for many uses. Believe it or not, shipping containers are being used across the world for housing. Using shipping containers as housing is an excellent idea for individuals who want to reduce their environmental footprints. Another advantage of shipping containers is that they are affordable and functional. Are you in need of more space?, Are you looking for a container home or office? Do you need a storage container? Do you need a shipping Container for any private or commercial use?, Singaporean Docs Container Home is the solution!
We supply fully bespoke shipping container transformations to suit your business needs. Whether it is additional secure and dry storage, or a unique modified space such as a workshop, new office, garden shed, self-storage facilities or a new container home, anything is possible! Get in touch NOW

20 foot shipping container for sale near me

Also, can supply a wide variety of length sizes from all our locations in the USA. Small containers like the 8ft or 10ft, the standard 20ft shipping container or the high capacity 40ft cargo containers. We also offer a range of special types like the High Cube, Double Door or Tunnel Containers and Open Side shipping containers. Discover the sizes and types of Shipping Containers Available in STOCK.
We sell annually over 4,000 New and Used shipping containers throughout the USA for both private and commercial uses. Whatever container you want, however many, whatever the urgency or wherever you are within the USA, we have got you covered. We get constant supplies since we deal with top international supplies like TLS containers, Shanghai Metals, CIMC etc.  That is why you can rely on a rapid response – prompt customer service, a complete range of rental-ready containers and rapid delivery when and where you choose. Fill the quotation form below to get more information about cargo container prices and delivery.

20 ft shipping container for sale | 20′ storage containers for sale

All second hand shipping containers from Singaporean Docs Container Home are guaranteed wind and watertight. Various grades are available including Grade A containers which are usually younger ex shipping line containers or second hand containers that have been previously used in a light duty non-shipping environment – for example at a containerized self storage facility.
Cargo worthy CSC plated containers are also available for worldwide shipping. Used shipping containers are probably the cheapest way of buying temporary storage space and can be easily moved and delivered using a lorry with crane.
10ft containers are either ex hirefleet containers or containers cut down from a larger shipping container. Contact our container sales team for more information about any of our used containers.

20′ shipping containers for sale near me | 20′ storage containers for sale near me

All of our new and used 20ft containers are structurally sound, wind and watertight, correspond with ISO container specifications, and are available throughout the US. Whatever your storage or conversion needs, our friendly advisers are on hand to support you in your container buying journey. For full specifications, including external and internal dimensions, see below.

20 ft shipping container for sale USA | 20 foot shipping containers for sale

20ft Shipping Container Features:
Welded all‐steel construction (except for the floors which are made of load‐bearing 30mm marine‐plywood over steel floor bearers).
Weather‐sealed steel doors at one end.
Freestanding, self‐contained units.
Lifting points at each corner for delivery transportation.
If you’re unsure what type you’re looking for visit our container buyers guide page or contact us to discuss your delivery options.

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