Delivery of sale containers is most frequently carried out by vehicles fitted with cranes. Often broadly called Hiab’s which is a manufacturer’s name for these Lorry mounted Hydraulic cranes.

These cranes have a wide range of weight lifting capabilities and lift reaches and can be mounted on very small vehicles, such as four-wheeler flatbed Lorries or mega axle articulated vehicles and trailers. Providing the ground is stable they can often lift over walls, hedges or on top of existing containers, but it is essential the correct size crane and vehicle is selected for the specific requirement on the day. So always provide as much information as possible and supply the nearest postcode and contact phone number to the area the container is to be delivered. It may be determined that you need a mobile crane! The presently available Internet Satellite viewing is so easy to use that the supplier can often talk to you over the telephone while viewing your destination and discuss potential obstacles which helps prevent problems in abandoned lifting and wasted journey’s which, if you could have avoided by supplying the correct information will be charged to you. Our agents are there to help you and want the delivery to go smoothly, so talk to them and give as much information as is necessary. The most common causes of delivery problems are overhead cables, low hanging tree boughs, narrow or curved drives, tight gateways, parked cars, weak bridges, drains, manhole covers. The vehicle driver on arrival will position the vehicle as near to eventual landing place as can be achieved, and he will then need to put out his outrigger landing legs. Usually 4’ to 5’ from a vehicle this is to maintain balance when lifting the container. The ground will need to be firm; vehicles will not go on soft ground! The container will also need to be on solid ground as it may sink during wet periods and if it becomes distorted due to not being level the doors will be hard to open or impossible to shut.

If you need a shipping container, do not hesitate to get in touch with us or browse our range of shipping containers for sale, we offer a wide range of new containers as well as used shipping containers and a full in-house container conversions service.


As a general rule we will send a lorry capable of offloading your order to the side and at 90 degrees to the lorry (just clear of the stabiliser leg) as depicted in the drawing below. If your delivery location requires anything significantly different please let us know, we have larger cranes for specialist purposes and can accommodate a lot of challenging deliveries.

If the lorry we choose is too big it might not fit, too small and we might be able to reach the exact place you have in mind for delivery.

Please therefore bear in mind the size and weight of the lorry, remembering to look at heights and overhead obstructions such as large branches or building overhangs aswell as below you for weight limits, soft ground and weak manhole covers. Each lorry wheel can carry up to 6 tonnes so it has the ability to cause a lot of damage or delays if you do not tell us beforehand. If you are not sure please initially discuss with your sales contact and it’s your responsibility to note any concerns on your official order or with your online purchase.


On arrival our drivers will report to your Site Manager to agree a lifting plan before starting work and will level the container as required. Please note that if any corner needs levelling more than 200mm you will need to let us know in advance. The drivers will ensure that all doors and apertures open correctly before leaving site.

Our delivery team is trained to to carry out all necessary assessments for safe installation, using standard generic risk assessment for unloading and loading of cabins and containers by lorry mounted crane. Please refer to Health and Safety for more information about our commitment to safety or discuss with your contact in Hire or Sales who will refer to the Transport team as required.

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