Frequently Asked Questions

Since we were established in 1992, we have been offering affordable and reliable portable accommodation and storage solutions. Please see about us for further information. We have excellent review ratings and as a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on our high standards of personal customer service. Our track record means you can rely on us to deliver your products on-time and in excellent condition, and in the unlikely event we make a mistake, we will make sure that we put it right.

We require a written order for both hire and sales purchases, usually by email and if you have already received a quotation, please use the reference when ordering (it usually normally begins with the letter ‘Q’). The quickest way is to purchase directly is through the website (24/7), where you can  send us your request through our quote form. We can also take your order verbally as long as you follow this up straightaway with email confirmation. For orders involving detailed conversion work, we will require you to send  us detail plans by your architect.

As with any online shopping, we require payment in advance for all purchases. For new hire customers and subject to a credit search, we usually require payment in advance for the delivery and collection costs in addition to the first four weeks’ hire. Once we have a satisfactory payment history and credit rating, you can ask us for a 30-day account. If you are a large business, depending on your credit score we may be able to set up an account straightaway. 

We accept payments mostly through bank transfers and some other mobile application payments.

Delivery cost is affected by the size and number of units being delivered to a single location, how quickly you need the units and if you are flexible with the delivery date and time. Basically the more time and notice you give us, the greater the chance that you will receive your delivery exactly when you need it at the best possible delivery rate. We are usually booking transport at least three to five days ahead, but at peak times this can be longer.

Our ‘one trip’ containers come complete with a factory-fitted lockbox and we can supply a padlock to fit inside. If you are buying a used container, we can fit lockboxes as an optional extra.

The delivery charge depends on the type and size of container you are buying and your location. We will provide a fixed quote for your container including delivery.

A container conversion is a modular building or portable accommodation unit that has been constructed using the ISO 20ft or 40ft shipping container as a building block.

Depending on complexity, once the final drawings are agreed, typical build time is between two and ten weeks. We cannot agree an exact date until you actually place an order and we raise a proforma invoice which would need to be paid by return to guarantee the agreed date.

Our normal delivery time is 3-7 business days for stock that is on the ground and accessible in the depot. If you need your container sooner, we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we suggest completing your purchase sooner than later to secure the truck delivery schedule. Delivery timelines for reserved inbound stock does vary due to shipment delays.

Please take a few minutes to read our detailed delivery guidelines. For a 20FT storage container, you will need a minimum 60 feet of straight-line clearance. For a 40FT or 45FT storage container, you will need a minimum of 100 feet of straight-line clearance. Gate widths must be a minimum 10 feet and low hanging tree branches should be a minimum 14 feet, but additional clearance is needed at the drop location so that the truck bed can be raised up.

Anyone can own a shipping container and no, it does not need to have the ownership transferred to you, nor does it need to be registered. You may wish to check with your local county if a storage container is allowed in your area though. The serial number printed on all four sides of the containers (the BIC code) is used to identify the unit during international shipping and storage in container ports.

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